Within A Dream

Within A Dream

First performance at Textilhögskolan in Borås -02
Duration 7´00
Composed 2002

– Commissioned by Textilhögskolan in Borås-

Other performances

EAM-festival in Växjö –03
Rålektronica in Stockholm -03
Textile Performance at KTH in Stockholm –03
Fylkingen 70th anniversary at Kulturhuset, Stockholm –03
“Vågform” in Gävle -03
IDKA-conference in Gävle -03
“Musik på sörmländska slott och herresäten”, Nynäs slott -05
Stickakademien, Gällstad -05
Artisten, Gothenburg -05
“Modern romantik”, Gröna Villan in Bromma, Stockholm -06
Orsöborg in Hälsingland, Sweden -08
Arbrå, Hälsingland -08

Program note

The piece was commissioned for the Future Design Days 2002 by professor Ulla Eson Bodin at Textilhögskolan in Borås. Within a Dream is based on music composed by Carin Bartosch Edström – music for soprano voice and baroque flute based on lyrics by William Blake, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe.

A performance with dance, video projections, live music (Claudia Müller and Carin Bartosch Edström) and students from the Textilhögskolan in Borås.

At the KTH concert: Jamie Fawcus – sound, Paulina Sundin – music, Ulla Eson Bodin – commissioner.

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