Med Lekande Kval

Electroclips/Med lekande kval

First performance at the festival Elsvets, Fylkingen -01
Duration: 3´10
Composed: 2001

Download as mp3

Released on CD – DISContact! III

Released on CD – ARiADA 2003
Other performances

Rawlambshow, Stockholm -02
Växjö, Sweden -02
New Music Festival in Halmstad –02
“Soundings”, Edinburgh -03
Öronblick, Textile Museum in Borås -03
Acoustic Frontier, Canada, December -03
New San Francisco Tape Music Center, USA -04
“Galleri Koch” in Stenungsund -04
“Digital Vital”, IDKA-konferens in Gävle -04
Västerås concert hall –04
The Netherlands Radio -04
“EMS 40 year anniversary”, Fylkingen, Stockholm -04
Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal -04
Art-radio broadcast – 04
Selected piece for the 6th edition of CONFLUENCIAS, Spain -05
Syntèse 2005, Bourges, France -05
FST-tonsättarradio, Sweden -05
“Musik på sörmländska slott och herresäten”, Nynäs slott -05
New Music Marathon at Northwestern Univ. Chicago, USA -06
“Moonshake at Kulturnatta” in Umeå -07
“Seamsturné” in Göteborg -07
“Seamsturné” in Umeå -07
“Seamsturné” in Härnösand -07
“Seamsturné” in Sandviken -07
“Seamsturné” at Fylkingen, Stockholm -07
EAM-webcast -07
“Nordic Music Days” in Norrköping -07
Miso Music Portugal in Lisboa, Portugal -08
Orsöborg in Hälsingland, Sweden -08
Arbrå, Hälsingland -08
“Musikmagasinet: Muzik”, Swedish Radio -08
“ISCM Word New Music Days”, Borås -09
“ISCM Word New Music Days”, Röhsska Museum -09
“Studio 53”, Tulegatan 53, Stockholm -09
“GEMdays”, Huddersfield, England -10

Written by Charlotte Callender

“[…] The piece was very musical, relying on beats and sustained tones and, as the artist states, she was “combining, traditional western song harmony with EAM-aesthetics”. and featured synthesized strings and many percussive sounds. One of the things that I remarked the most about the piece was the little bells which were projected from the front of the room. They grew throughout the piece, into large reverberant bells mixing with the more elevator type, creating a different sort of space. I felt that the piece was very interesting and the contrast in the sections was excellent.”

Program note

Electroclips/Med lekande kval is a play with traditional Western song harmony. The harmonic progression of the piece is based on the 18th century Swedish folk song “Liksom en herdinna högtidsklädd”. The idea was to see if the song harmony could be used as a foundation for an electro-acoustic piece without the harmony becoming too obvious to the listener, a folk song dressed in an electroacoustic “costume”.


“Electroclips” alias “Med lekande kval” är en lek med traditionell västerländsk visharmonik. Som formidé har jag utgått från harmoniken i Carl Michael Bellmans “Fredmans epistel N:o 80”, mer känd som “Liksom en herdinna högtidsklädd”, och klätt den i en elektroakustisk skrud.

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