First performance at Kulturhuset, Stockholm -96
Duration: 8´48
Composed 1996

Other performances

Gunnebo castle, Gothenburg -96
Fylkingen, Stockholm -96
Art and sound festival in Växjö -96
Nätverk -96, Gothenburg
Fylkingen, Stockholm -97
Sounds of Sweden Festival, Birmingham -97
Linköping -97
Hey Listen, International sound conference, Stockholm -98
Canadian Radio -98
UEA, Norwich -98
Rien á voir, Canada -99
Rawlambshow, Stockholm -02
Sergels torg, Stockholm -02
Radio Centraal FM103.9, Antwerp, Belgium -03
Swedish Radio P2 -03
RTQE radio, WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin -04
Ars Sonora, Spain -06
Seams web radio, Sweden -06
Swedish Radio P4 -08

Released on CD Currents: Elektron EM 1002
Released on CD 1:2:3: FYCD 1012, 2000

Program notes:
Reviewed in English at:

Review 1

Written by Ingvar Loco Nordin

“Paulina Sundin kicks things off on this CD with track one; “Crisálida” (1996), and holy smoke; talk about a French opening! Here we have rippling water in the right channel, playing children in the left, and then this tone, full of overtones, sneaking up on you, taking over, hovering, vibrating – sawing right down through your skull… like a forced thought that you cannot escape… or like a ray of enlightenment from some otherworldly source of inspiration… This opening makes me think of Jean-Claude Risset and some of his pieces, like “Songes” or maybe particularly “Sud”. Even “Presque rien” (the series of works by that name) and “Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps” by Luc Ferrari spring to mind on hearing Paulina Sundin’s light and precise and intuitive touch. This may seem too much praise to take, but I recognize talent when I hear it, and here it is! Paulina Sundin is – even internationally – a full-fledged composer of electroacoustics by now, which this CD proves. Congratulations to Paulina, and congratulations to Swedish EAM!

The sounds are very delicate, smooth, but with an edge, and also a spatial quality, enlargening the space of your listening room, lifting off the roof, folding down the walls, letting the wind carry far off scents to your vicinity, giving you a sense of weightlessness, of relaxed attention, as you let it happen, let it happen… The smoothness is broken up by close-up percussive sounds, as layers of different events shift position like ice floes of spring climbing up on top of each other.”

Review 2
Sunday 14 June 1998 in Expressen
Written by Gunilla Brodrej

“Jag orienterar mig hemåt till Paulina Sundins Crisálida i hörlurarna. Hon tar med sig lyssnaren från det porlande vattnet, de lekande barnen och de kvittrande fåglarna i Andalucía del Mar i Spanien och vidare upp mot tyngdlösheten. Som en ängel får jag sväva på en elektroakustisk ton. Det är märkligt tyst däruppe.”

Program note

Crisálida is inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Andalucía del Mar in the south of Spain where I let my mind drift from reality into a musical landscape.

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