Kontakt 1992 EAM and dance
-e 1993 EAM
Ekot av Smällen 1994 Music for theatre
Inside Round 1995 * Video/computeranimation
Bad 1995 Music for video
Brott 1995 Music for video
Fragment 1995 Music for video
Oh Tannenbaum 1995 Film music
Crisálida 1996 EAM
Ti Chor 1997 Saxophone Quartet and tape
Li Shin Chuen 1998 EAM

Currents 1998* EAM
• Traffic
• Water
• Nature
• City

com com 1999 Music for dance performance
1999 * EAM
1999 EAM
Clandestine Parts 
2000 EAM
Clandestine Part II 
2001 EAM
Electroclips/Med lekande kval 
2001 EAM
Within a Dream 
2002 EAM

 Utresa 2003 EAM and textile
 Klotet 2003 EAM and textile
 Joker 2003 EAM and textile

Klangstenen i Håga 2005/2006 EAM
Improvisationer över Absence 2006 Live-electronics **
Improvisationer över Kristalliseringen 2006 Live-electronics **
Taal Bundu 2006-2009 Saxophone Quartet and EAM
Ytspänning 2010 Musica Vitae + Stockholm Saxophone Quartet (piece for 15 strings and 4 saxophones)

Echo in Silence 2010 Percussion, trombone and EAM
Tertiary Frames 2011 Flute, oboe, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, percussion, piano, violin and cello
Colliding Planes 2012 Live-electronics ***
Shards 2012 Glass objects and live-electronics ***
Splintered Echoes 2014 Percussion and live-electronics for 8 loudspeakers ****
Five Tales 2014 EAM for 21 loudspeakers *
Skärvor 2014 Glass objects, EAM and live-electronics

Rondures 2015 Saxophone Quartet and live-electronics ***
• Emergence
• Rondures


* Composed together with Jens Hedman

** Collaboration with the ISM-ensemble (Carin Bartosch Edström, Catharina Backman, Claudia Müller and Mikael Marin). A Project funded by the Arts Grants Committee 2004

*** Composed together with Prof. Monty Adkins

**** Composed together with Prof. Monty Adkins and percussionist Jonny Axelsson


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